Agile is the ability to create and respond to change.

What Is Agile?

Neueda has been in the business of co-creating solutions using agile development with our clients for more than 15 years. We bring this real-world agile experience into the classroom with our training courses. With a combination of coaching, training, and mentoring we help teams achieve agile excellence.


Avoid confusion and improve communication within delivery teams, with stakeholders, and with clients.

Continually improve delivery processes with every iteration.

Adapt to changing requirements in real-time and adjust priorities with minimal disruption.

Improve predictability and reduce risk through sprint-based delivery.

How-to drive-up customer satisfaction by involving clients throughout a project.

Our Agile Courses

We offer a wide range of Agile  courses, customised to your needs.

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Why neueda?

Neueda is committed to providing customised training to ensure that your global workforce is future proofed. We continually provide industry-leading learning solutions to fill the ever-widening skills gaps in today’s market.

Our clients

Our clients are some of the world’s largest finance, telecoms and technology organizations who on-board many thousands of new recruits every year into early-career roles.

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