Assertiveness Techniques


Many of us struggle to be assertive, and this one day course tackles this issue head on and will help you become a more assertive, and therefore more effective leader.

Duration: 1 day

Who is it for: Anyone who wants to develop their personal impact in their dealings with others. Those who wish to to acquire greater confidence and control over their working lives.

Layout: A highly participative course using practical examples and exercises.


    • To describe the true nature of assertiveness.
  • To develop a wide range of assertiveness techniques.
  • To distinguish assertive behaviour from aggressive and submissive behaviours.
  • To provide a number of assertiveness models and approaches.
  • Modules

    What is assertiveness

      • Barriers to assertiveness

          • Thinking assertively

              • Feeling assertively

                  • Personal Impact

                      • Tools for coaching

                          • Achieving successful outcomes