Speaking and Presenting with Confidence


This one day presentation course looks at all the factors that affect how confidently you deliver any presentation, anywhere.
It will help you look forward to your next presentation instead of wishing you were still in bed.
It offers simple, easy to practise tools to help you cope with nerves, get your message across memorably, structure your material for the best impact and present to audiences of varied sizes.
It is fun and effective with plenty of opportunities to practise.

Duration: 1 day

Who is it for: We tailor all our courses to reflect the needs of the delegates on the day. The course content may include many of the exercises listed below, and any additional material that the trainers feel is relevant.

Layout: During the opening session we combine a look at the fundamentals of presenting, with an assessment of each person’s unique presentation style, experience and skill, together with what they would now like to achieve. The second part of the presentation course is work on prepared presentations.
This is not intended to rehearse the presentations; rather the presentation material is used to stretch the participants and to incorporate the principles worked on earlier in the day.
The emphasis is on preparing the participants to develop as presenters over the next few months as they make further presentations.With new or less experienced Presenters the presentation course works to stretch their capacity and to demonstrate the active working of a presenting dynamic. They are introduced to easy skills and techniques to help raise their confidence and ease the anxiety associated with presenting.
With established presenters the course works more to reinforce some basic principles and introduce more advanced presentation skills as appropriate.
Care is taken to acknowledge their skills and style.
Then we move on to specific areas of difficulty where they seem to get wrong footed and don’t do so well.


    • What already works about you as a presenter?
  • Exploring how presentation works
  • Developing a unique individual style
  • Understanding what happens in front of an audience
  • Practising a whole range of techniques
  • Hints and tips for effective presentation
  • Stretching your capacity to present
  • Presenting with style, flair and presence
  • Using support materials
  • Enlivening your presentation
  • Maintaining confidence and handling nerves
  • Coping better when feeling lost in your material
  • Modules

    Introduction to Presenting

      • The fundamentals of presenting
  • An assessment of each person’s unique presentation style
  • Having an IMPACT

      • The Individual’s best skills
  • Conveying a clear Message
  • Preparation
  • Managing good Audience interaction
  • Presenting with Conviction
  • Using Technology well – avoiding ‘death by powerpoint’
  • Your Unique Style of Presenting

      • Presenting to Camera and reviewing
  • What happens physically, mentally and emotionally when you present
  • Improving your presenting style
  • Becoming an Excellent Presenter

      • Raising confidence
  • Clear delivery
  • Ability to go “off script”
  • How to make non-linear presentations
  • How to prompt or plant questions
  • How to talk to differing levels of understanding or experience
  • Communicating concepts quickly
  • Using analogies and drawing on memorable images
  • Structuring your presentation entrance and beginning
  • Dealing with difficult or tricky questions
  • Working presentations round a table
  • The relationship between presenter, material and audience
  • Difficult presentation issues and people
  • Working your presentation style
  • Developing as a communicator rather than a presenter
  • Creating an interactive, question friendly atmosphere