Cloud Engineering

The cloud doesn’t merely optimize IT, it also boosts innovation, enables agility, and can reduce risk. However, this doesn’t just happen on its own – engineers with expertise and cloud skills are the critical ingredient!

Cloud Engineering

Course Details

Unpredictable and constant change demands new levels of business agility. To achieve adaptability, scale and accelerated evolution, enterprises need to modernize and place Cloud Platforms and Microservices at the heart of their operations.

Our broad curriculum of cloud courses help you build the cloud skills you need to elevate your career and solve the challenges of the future. Whether you are new to the cloud or building on an existing skill set, we tailor content to your role and platform including Amazon AWS, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure.

What will I learn

Depending on your learning objectives, our cloud engineering program modules are tailored to your needs. Some example outcomes are below –

  • Make decisions about cloud adoption strategies and approaches.
  • How to best leverage the public, private and hybrid cloud approaches within your enterprise.
  • Cloud architecture, cloud development, cloud security, and automation within cloud environments


Tailored to your needs.

Delivery Method

On-site or Virtual.

Why neueda?

Neueda is committed to providing customised training to ensure that your global workforce is future proofed. We continually provide industry-leading learning solutions to fill the ever-widening skills gaps in today’s market.