Future Skills

Defining the skills your workforce will need in the future world of work.

Future Skills

Course Details

Our future skills programs are created from a set of foundational skills that help staff fulfil the following three criteria, no matter the sector in which they work or their occupation:

  • Add value beyond what can be done by automated systems and intelligent machines.
  • Operate in a digital environment.
  • Continually adapt to new ways of working and new occupations.

At Neueda, we know that digital and artificial intelligence technologies are transforming the world of work and that today’s workforce will need to learn new skills and learn to continually adapt as new occupations emerge.

Demand for technological, social, and emotional, and higher cognitive skills will grow, and our future skills courses are designed to develop these emerging requirements.

What will I learn

To create your future skills program, organisations can choose from a variety of cognitive, interpersonal, and self-leadership modules including:

  • Communication.
  • Emotional Intelligence.
  • Collaboration and Teamwork.
  • Creativity and Innovation.
  • Problem Solving and Critical Thinking.
  • Learning to Learn.
  • Client Centricity and Stakeholder Management.
  • Flexibility and agility in a VUCA world.
  • Psychological Safety and Trust.
  • Having difficult conversations.


Tailored to you needs.

Delivery Method

On-site or Virtual.

Why neueda?

Neueda is committed to providing customised training to ensure that your global workforce is future proofed. We continually provide industry-leading learning solutions to fill the ever-widening skills gaps in today’s market.