Product Management

A comprehensive course covering all aspects of product management and the typical lifecycle of a product, from ideation right through to product retirement.

Product Management

Course Details

Based on a 5D Product Framework delivered by industry experts with real-world experience and examples, Product Bootcamp is fun, practical, and engaging. For Product Professionals who want to stay ahead of the game and practice continuous professional development.

What will I learn

  • The habits of product managers and an Introduction to the product management framework.
  • Start strategizing and stop firefighting.
  • Complete a product vision and know your market.
  • Work as a team and build an empathy map.
  • Collaborate on the innovation canvas.
  • Own your product and make effective decisions and stick to them.
  • Building your core value proposition.
  • The user story model.
  • Build your goal statements.
  • The launch processes.
  • Build a messaging canvas.
  • Recap the habits of a successful product manager.
  • Product retirement.


Completed over 8 sessions at 90 minutes each.

Delivery Method

Virtual or on-site.


CPD Certified.

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