Technology Analyst

Our technology academies give participants the skills and confidence to hit the ground running in an array of technical roles. From full-stack application development to DevOps and Production support roles, all modules are based around the latest agile software engineering techniques, tools, and best practices.

Technology Analyst

Course Details

Participants build real-world solutions and get invaluable hands-on experience using the tools and technologies that are most important to your organisation. These intensive programs cover full-stack application development along with DevOps, CI/CD pipelines and cloud platforms. With specific modules selected to match your organisational needs, modules include:

  • Data storage and modelling with SQL and NoSQL
  • Backend development with Java/Spring, Python or NodeJS
  • UI/UX with React or Angular
  • Containerisation with Docker
  • Cloud architectures and deployment platforms.

In these academy programs we emphasise team-based challenges which mimic real-world scenarios, while also building strong bonds and team morale within a group of new recruits.

What will I learn

  • Best practices for modern enterprise full-stack development.
  • Hands-on technical training with your chosen development tools and technologies.
  • Agile development methodologies and practice.
  • DevOps and CI/CD theory and practice.
  • Team exercises and capstone projects focused on your organisation’s needs.


One month.

Delivery Method

On-site or Virtual.

Why neueda?

Neueda is committed to providing customised training to ensure that your global workforce is future proofed. We continually provide industry-leading learning solutions to fill the ever-widening skills gaps in today’s market.