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How we support a global investment bank with a bespoke Return to Work program


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partcipants made a successful return to the workforce

Each learner received International Introduction to Securities & Investment Certificate certification at the end of the program


years delivered across the UK and Ireland


To inspire the skills and confidence to return to work after a career break

Our client recognized that there was untapped talent for in-demand skills with individuals who had taken a career break. Whether intimidated by, or unsure of how to return to work, our client wanted to forge a clear pathway for returners.

Wanting to build a program that would inspire, motivate and build confidence within this talent pool, our client called on Neueda’s expertise. Combining professional skills and technology, the program’s aim was to nurture and develop talent re-joining the workforce.

We partnered with this client to design a program that empowers individuals. We do this by developing skills that are most in demand at this organization, providing 1-1 coaching, and creating networking opportunities across the business.


We built a program to inspire renewed confidence in participants from a range of backgrounds. And in turn, enable them to thrive in a technology-driven work environment.

We focused on developing skills which will be in highest demand over the next 5 to 10 years. These included IT Essentials, Financial Markets Domain Knowledge and Financial Data Analysis and Visualization.

Recognizing the key part networking plays, the participants were connected to a number of internal industry networks. This aided understanding how to navigate the technology and operations world and the tools used today.

The development and enhancement of core, professional and enterprise competencies enabled participants to integrate quickly and work effectively within the organization.


Delivered over the course of a year, this program incorporated 25 training days across 8 modules.

The program also encompassed self-guided learning, half-day group workshops, and 1-1 coaching.

Our expert instructors provided feedback and ongoing development recommendations to-line managers and participants on a quarterly basis. Using their observations on strengths and areas of development across the cohort, instructors updated content and delivery to ensure the training remained relevant and impactful.

1-1 coaching and mentoring enabled learners to receive guidance from instructors who are experienced practitioners. Their deep understanding of the organizational contexts and challenges helps aid integration back into the workforce.



participants made a successful return to the workforce – reducing recruitment costs and retaining domain knowledge of experienced team members

Each learner received International Introduction to Securities & Investment Certificate certification at the end of the program


years delivered across the UK and Ireland

Upon completion of the Return to Work program, learners move into roles such as Project Management, Product Owners, Operations, Business Analyst roles and Financial Solution Analyst.

I found the training both interesting and enjoyable. Denise, Andy and Michael are fantastic trainers demonstrating knowledge, patience and humour, and Kelly a very personable and well-organised facilitator who makes you feel instantly comfortable.

The training itself was well-constructed with a range of teaching methods deployed that helped the information to really sink in. The takeaway materials were very helpful and aided at-home study, particularly with the Excel training, which has proved to be a superb help with the duties within my role.

Return to Work Participant,


I really enjoyed the coaching sessions, and had many helpful takeaways in managing myself, my workload and building a well working network.

Return to Work Participant,


The modules were detailed and informative, Denise’s prior experience and ability to link the material to real life examples was invaluable. Loved the interactive nature throughout the courses.

Return to Work Participant,