Learner Testimonials: Enhancing GIS and Data Wrangling Skills with Neueda and Mallon Technology

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Posted 6 June 2024

In today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape, continuous learning and skill enhancement are critical.

Neueda’s recent training collaboration with Mallon Technology, a leading provider of GIS and Earth Observation Services and Solutions, offers a prime example of how targeted education can empower professionals. We spoke with Sandra Molloy, an Earth Observation Analyst, to gain insights into her experience with the training program, focusing on Python and GIS integration.

Integrating Python and GIS: A Fundamental Skill

Sandra highlighted the significance of the training program in merging her prior knowledge of GIS and Python. “Prior to doing this course, I had done training in GIS. I’d also done training in Python. But this course was really important to me because it brought both together, which I felt was very fundamental. An important part of GIS is being able to automate a lot of the processes, and using Python is an ideal choice for doing this, she explains. This integration is crucial for professionals looking to streamline GIS processes and enhance their efficiency.

“Prior to doing this course, I had done training in GIS. I’d also done training in Python. But this course was really important to me because it brought both together, which I felt was very fundamental.”

Standout Techniques and Valuable Insights

When asked about the aspects of the course that stood out, Sandra pointed to the sessions focused on combining different Python packages for GIS. “Yes, I suppose it was probably the sessions towards the end where we did combine what we learned using different Python packages and then looking at the specific ones for GIS. For me, that was the standout moments of the course,” she recalled. These practical sessions provided invaluable hands-on experience, reinforcing the theoretical knowledge gained.

Effective and Engaging Delivery

The delivery of the program was another highlight for Sandra. She praised the well-organized structure and the variety of teaching methods employed. “The course was delivered really well. It was well-organized and we had training material beforehand. It was also delivered using different ways because it was like you were doing full days of the training. They kept our focus by doing a bit of theory, but then there was also some demonstrations and some hands-on activities where you could follow along. The variety in the teaching methods did keep you engaged for the full day each time,” she notes. This multifaceted approach ensured sustained engagement and effective learning.

Meeting Expectations and Providing Structure

The training program not only met but exceeded Sandra’s expectations. “Yes, it did. I had wanted to be able to combine both. I had, I suppose, played around with it before, but without having the formal training, I was going down worm holes and getting lost. So now I at least have a bit of structure when I try to put it together myself,” she shares. The structured learning environment helped her consolidate her knowledge and apply it more effectively.

Professional Development and Growth

Sandra emphasised the impact of the training on her professional development. “I guess it basically has given me more tools to help me come up with innovative solutions to GIS problems, but also to help optimise and automate GIS processes that I work on,” she stated. The new skills acquired through the program have equipped her to tackle complex GIS challenges with innovative solutions and increased efficiency.


Neueda’s training program with Mallon Technology demonstrates the value of integrating Python and GIS skills for professional growth. The positive feedback from learners like Sandra underscores the program’s effectiveness in delivering comprehensive and engaging training. For professionals seeking to enhance their GIS and data wrangling skills, this training program offers a robust platform for development and innovation.

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