Enterprise Programmes

Bringing together cutting-edge technology training with professional skills and sector knowledge.

Our Enterprise Programmes

Enterprise programmes offer a winning combination of classroom training, self-study, networking opportunities, technical challenges to embed learning, regular assessment, and one-to-one feedback.

They are designed in partnership with customers to meet their unique requirements. Whether you are aiming to attract school leavers and graduates from diverse backgrounds or retrain and retain your experienced people, we will work with you to develop the right solution.

Some examples of academies we have developed with customers include:

  • Graduate and early career academies providing people at the start of their career with the holistic knowledge and skills for technical excellence, collaboration and communication and innovation
  • Retrain academies supporting employees at all stages of their career to learn business-critical skills
  • Women in tech academies helping businesses to increase attraction and retention of women in STEM roles
  • Digital transformation academies helping businesses to implement their data and technology strategies more effectively
  • Tech leaders academies helping new and existing line managers to drive a technology focused team and lead with confidence

Holistic Development

Our clients operate within complex and matrixed structures. In a volatile and uncertain world agility, communication and data-driven decision making are critical to their business success. 

Our enterprise programmes help:

  • Business leaders develop a better understanding of the opportunities created by new technologies, and to develop the skills to inspire their organisation to achieve their vision.
  • Technology and data professionals apply their digital skills while  communicating and collaborating with colleagues across their business for improved impact.
  • Non-technology professionals build confidence in digital skills, and manage transformation projects with shared vision and aligned processes.


Align training to your business context for improved application in role, and improved productivity

Address your business's unique skills requirements

Build your software and data capabilities alongside professional skills and behaviours

Increase application of Agile methodologies across your teams to support innovation and change

Case Studies

We pride ourselves on partnering with customers to deliver business impact. Read some of our case studies here:

why our clients choose us

  • We listen
  • We create genuinely bespoke solutions
  • We update our content as technologies evolve
  • Our focus on constructive learning prepares participants better for their role

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