Sector knowledge

School leavers, graduates, and even career changers and returners can find the world of business confusing and daunting.

Our introductory Sector Knowledge modules provide an overview of your sector, your business, and where your employees’ roles make an impact.

Teamed with our cutting-edge technology training, this helps your employees to become role ready sooner.

We bring the real-world expertise of our instructors and work with you to develop bespoke wrap-around Sector Knowledge modules to enhance graduate, re-skill and business transformation academies.”

Key features

Our instructors are experienced practitioners who explain complex concepts with real-world examples.

We bring our digital and data expertise to every engagement, introducing the relevant technologies.

We augment our classroom training with digital content, supporting self-study and continued learning.

Some of our introductory modules:

  • Financial and capital markets
    The regulatory landscape
  • Geo-politics, economics and financial services
  • Blockchain and crypto currencies
  • API technologies corporate banking
  • The Future of Telecommunications
  • The Evolution of Sports Technology

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