University Accredited Transform Programme

Neueda has developed and delivered a University accredited CPD Diploma in Digital Transformation & Business Innovation.


New technologies are changing the way we work. As businesses and entire industries adjust to an ever-expanding cohort of new technologies, occupations are also undergoing transformation, with some roles disappearing, others growing rapidly, and the skills required are evolving more quickly than ever. The main driver for companies is how to equip their employees with the skills they need to participate in the digital economy – now and in the future.

A University accredited Diploma Programme (Transform Programme) was designed to meet the need for employers to support workforce transition, helping employees adopt new skills, interpret the impact of disruptive technologies (AI, Data Analytics, Cloud Technology) and ensure a future-ready workforce.

The aim of the programme is to support those who are in technical and non-technical roles to enhance their knowledge, skills and competencies with respect to disruptive technologies and digital transformation. The programme is an innovative, interdisciplinary programme that integrates the most current social-capital skills with technological literacies against a background where remote-working, flexible working practices, customer-centric delivery and changing work and social customs are evolving at a rapid pace.


In May 2019 a multi-disciplinary team of technologists and social capital instructors began to scope the programme content across four modules, against the academic learning outcomes.

Pilot programmes were delivered in August 2019 as a pre-cursor to the rollout of the programme to over 900 employees.

A key component of the programme is the application of the skills and literacies, learned through the programme, to real-world business challenges.  In addition to four classroom-based modules, the programme also involves assessment, self-directed study, the application of the new skills in the workplace and the completion of a Business Innovation Project.

The Business Innovation Project enables participants to showcase the social capital skills and technical literacies which have been developed throughout the Programme and demonstrate how these classroom concepts can be applied to solve current business challenges. Working in a project team, participants are asked to identify a current business challenge and create a detailed presentation evidencing the tangible business impact delivered by the proposed solution.

In May 2020, due to the COVID-19 global pandemic the classroom model of delivery was quickly re-platformed to a virtual training platform by the Neueda Team. With a clear focus on emulating the benefits of face-to-face classroom training, our blended virtual delivery methods of lecture, demo, lab and group discussion facilitated high levels of interaction and participant satisfaction.


  • 900 participants will have achieved a Degree or Master’s Level CPD Diploma by Autumn 2021
  • Individual employees have acquired new skills in emerging technologies helping to future proof employment and offering opportunities to develop their careers.
  • The Business Innovation Project has delivered demonstrable business benefits to the organisation by applying new learnings to current business challenges.

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