AWS Cloud Fundamentals


This 4 day class introduces you to the core concepts and components in AWS. You will learn how to set up networks, launch servers, build out serverless applications, set up databases using the various options from AWS, and also how to monitor and maintain your infrastructure. You will also how to deploy Docker based applications, and will be introduced to good governance practices and how to ensure you keep track of your costs. Security will be considered throughout, and you will learn how to effectively secure your infrastructure when deployed on AWS.

Duration: 4 days

Who is it for: Technologists who need to learn how to leverage the AWS platform

Layout: This session takes the form of lectures along with demonstrations and exercises to consolidate the content being taught.


What is the Cloud

  • Fundamentals of cloud computing
  • Benefits of cloud computing
  • AWS and Cloud Computing

Infrastructure Overview

  • Regions, Zones and Core Services
  • EC2 / EBS / AMIs
  • Database Storage using RDS / DynamoDB / DocumentDB / Neptune
  • Object storage using S3 and Glacier
  • Autoscaling, Load balancing and Elasticity

Servers and Networking

  • Setting up Servers in the Cloud
  • Networking with Virtual Private Clouds, Security Groups, and IPs
  • Configuration options for servers

Security and the Cloud

  • Security Overview
  • Responsibilities of AWS
  • Responsibilities of the AWS Customer
  • Securing your infrastructure
  • Managing teams access to AWS with IAM

Deep Dive into to Storage

  • Storage options
  • Relational Databases as a Service – RDS
  • NoSQL Databases as a service – DynamoDB
  • Object Stores – S3, Glacier
  • Caching – Elasticache

Developing Cloud Applications

  • Cloud patterns
  • AWS SDKs
  • Scripting using the CLI

Serverless Computing using Lambda

  • Introduction to the Serverless Paradigm
  • Lambda Function Architecture
  • Lambda Function Examples

Microservices using API Gateway

  • Defining a REST API using API Gateway
  • Linking API Gateway to a Lambda Function
  • Security using AWS Cognito
  • Introduction to the Serverless and Amplify Developer tools

Microservices using Docker on AWS

  • Introduction to Docker
  • Docker on AWS
  • ECS and EKS

Deployment on AWS

  • Using Elastic BeanStalk
  • Using CloudFormation
  • Using Cloud Developer Kit (CDK)

DevOps on AWS

  • Introduction to CodeBuild, CodeDeploy, and CodePipeline
  • Using CodeStar
  • Integration with Jenkins

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning on AWS

  • Using the AWS AI Services
  • Rekognition
  • Working with Translate, Transcribe, and Polly
  • Machine Learning using SageMaker

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