Neueda Digital Learning Practice

Customized digital learning program content and development

Customized Digital Learning modules developed by our in house Digital Learning Development team in collaboration with our Technical Consultants. We produce highly technical learning modules in all our specialist areas.

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Digital learning assets can be used to supplement our classroom training programs or developed as standalone learning.

eLearning modules

Microlearning assets

Instructional Videos

Interactive quizzes

Technical workbooks

We work directly with your subject matter experts to understand your organizations specific requirements and design self-paced, engaging micro learning modules to support your technical teams.

Learning content for engineers, designed by engineers.

Specialist areas include:




Software Development

Customized Digital Learning Pathways

Unlocking developer productivity and enabling engineering excellence with digital learning personal specific pathways customized to your organization’s processes and tool-chains. Our solution accelerates productivity, supports effectiveness and promotes consistency.

· Self-paced customised digital content

· Interactive labs using organization specific tools and infrastructure

Content can be accessed through a program specific learning hub designed to promote engagement and social learning.

Designed for developer productivity

How can a new employee – whether a recent graduate or an industry veteran – navigate your processes, adopt best practices or maximize your technology investments unless you explain, educate and inform?

Ensuring your technology workforce knows how to build and deploy software within your particular environment is the foundation of developer productivity.

Customized pathways support developer effectiveness and shortens the “pathway to productivity” for recently on-boarded engineers through access to customized learning content and step-by-step guides which reflect each organization’s unique infrastructure and software development processes.

· Enhances speed to productivity

· Encourages uniformity of developer practices

· Promotes adoption of internal unified coding

Our solution scales to reflect an organization’s globally distributed technology workforce, with the continual movement of staff across projects and new engineers joining.

Customized & Highly Scalable

Generic e-Learning content has no connection to an organization’s unique engineering practices, development processes and engineering infrastructure.

Traditional instructor-led training does not scale to support a global workforce, with teams constantly mobilizing to support new projects.


Developed with your experts

Our technical experts can embed with your internal SMEs to document specific organizational practices and combine them with the best learning approaches. This produces learning pathways that deliver real business productivity.

No more ‘click through’ learning

Replace ‘click through’ mandatory training with highly practical interactive learning pathways. We combine video content, scenario-based practical exercises, and knowledge checks; as well as relevant content from your existing digital learning platforms.

Personalized pathways

Pathways are personalized for Application Developers, DevOps and Infrastructure Engineers, Cyber Security Specialists or Cloud Engineers – all of the engineering staff who unite to build and deploy the modern applications your organization relies on.

Our Approach

With a winning combination of software engineering expertise and digital learning capabilities, our team create customized content and step-by-step labs running on your own engineering infrastructure and are based on your development processes.

What our learners say

Very clear description of all of the aspects that are required to get app dev teams to the cloud.

Self-Service Learning Participant,

SME, Developer Community

I wish I had these modules when I joined.

Self-Service Learning Participant,

Cloud Engineer

Excellent introduction to the networking implementation specific to our organization… Highly recommend this for everyone.

Self-Service Learning Participant,

Cloud Technical Lead

The modules were detailed and informative, Denise’s prior experience and ability to link the material to real life examples was invaluable. Loved the interactive nature throughout the courses.

Return to Work Participant,