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Combine the latest technology and data training alongside professional skills and domain knowledge to help you engage your people, advance organizational performance, and achieve your strategic objectives.

  • Developer and Advanced Technology Practitioner Programs
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  • Leadership and Professional Skills
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We integrate your existing digital learning resources with custom-built content to build learning pathways which are unique to your business.

  • Drive productivity and confidence in new and lateral hires
  • Consistent, replicable approaches across the business
  • Personalized ‘just-in-time’ self-service that’s more effective than click-through learning

Early Careers

Experiential, expert-led training which helps individuals with academic-level or limited technical and data skills to become fully productive in their business projects.

  • Lasting and impactful learning
  • Designed in partnership with early careers & technical leads
  • Improves attraction and retention
  • Diversifies talent
  • Grows capabilities in technology and data

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We believe an organization’s capabilities are the most important competitive differentiator today. Our focus is on designing and delivering training which enables enterprise-wide transformation and talent performance improvements.

We pride ourselves on our high-touch, expert-led, interactive delivery which engages participants whatever their role, career stage, technical abilities, or geographical location.


Neueda acquires Conygre

Neueda has acquired cloud engineering experts, Conygre, expanding its global offering to ‘future-proof clients teams’.

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As a member-led organisation, we are incredibly protective of our commitments to our members and we began to look for a training partner who could deliver to the high standards we set ourselves in the Analytics Institute.

Several of our members recommended Neueda as a potential training partner – when we met the team to learn more about their depth of expertise in data analytics, data science and data engineering, and heard about their experience in running global training programs for major corporations, we thought this is the partner we have been looking for. Following a rigorous design process, we launched our Certified Data Skills Framework in 2021 with pathways for Data Practitioners, Data Professionals and Data Leaders. In partnership with Neueda’s instructors and their training operations team, clients including Citi, PwC and Primark, have benefitted from a winning combination of advanced data & digital competencies, future-ready cognitive skills and professional certification.

Lorcan Malone,

Director, Analytics Institute

No matter what the task, Neueda always seem to have a solution to offer and can adapt to our numerous change requests…they face up to problems as soon as they arise and deal with them quickly. I have enjoyed the partnership with Neueda and while it has become a global business it is great to still receive a personal service and know the team is there even to advise, when needed

Dwyer Gorman,

Training Admin Manager, Allstate

Enabling our staff to progress and excel in new areas and competencies, which will drive our company and the customers that we serve, is one of our highest priorities. The Transform Programmes…enable us to pivot our talent point towards the workplace of the future.

Declan Nolan,

Senior Director, Dell Technologies

I have been working with Neueda as a training supplier for more than ten years now. I first came across Neueda when I was looking to put in place a graduate training program. We were looking to scale the service centre in Belfast, to take on a lot of new graduates and I knew to help make those graduates successful from day one in their career they would need technology training support.

Neueda talked to me about the training solutions that they had and put together a really innovative program for onboarding graduates. That program was a huge success, and having proven out the model we used it year after year and used it right across the whole network to great success.

John Healy,

Former Chief Executive, Allstate

skillnet ireland

From 2010 we have worked with the team at Neueda to create a range of innovative national programs in technology, operations and leadership. With their experience of delivering future-focused training programs for global organizations, they continue to impress us with their business agility, their focus on excellent participant experiences and their practical commercial approach to ensure that training immediately enhances performance.

Maire Hunt,

Director, Digital Skillnet

We recently used Neueda to provide a series of workshops on Critical Thinking for our company. The workshops were well-organised and informative, and the instructor, Karl, did an excellent job of tailoring the content to our specific needs. Karl took the time to learn about our company, peole and processes, and this helped him to create a fun and engaging learning environment. The information was curated in order to be valuable to the learners, and they were able to learn new strategies for thinking more critically both individually and as part of a team.

I would highly recommend Neueda based on the experience we had. They are a professional and experienced learning provider, and they are able to deliver high-quality training that meets the needs of their clients.

John Vard,

Lead Data Scientist, EWS