Azure Open AI

This course is intended for those who need to learn how to take advantage from Azure Open AI. The course will teach attendees
the fundamentals of Generative AI and then how you can use the Azure Open AI Studio to create your own Generative AI models.

Duration: 1 day

Who is it for: This course is for any technologist who wishes to learn how to use Azure Open AI

Layout: This training course combines lectures with practical exercises that help the delegates to put what they have learned on the training course into practice.  The exercises specifically build on what has been recently taught and are built up as the training course progresses.


Introduction to AI and Gen AI

  • What is AI
  • What is GenAI
  • Applications of AI and GenAI

What is OpenAI

  • The history of OpenAI
  • OpenAI Models
  • OpenAI Services
  • The Ethos of OpenAI

OpenAI vs Azure OpenAI

  • Responsible AI
  • Security – private endpoints
  • Security – data privacy
  • Enterprise Microsoft Support
  • Regional Availability
  • Pricing and Costing Model

Models Available in Azure OpenAI

  • GPT models
  • Embedded Models
  • Codex Models

Getting Started with OpenAI Studio

  • Navigating the Studio
  • Understanding the core components of the studio

Azure OpenAI Playground

  • Using Chat
  • Working with Completions
  • DALL E

Prompt Engineering

  • What is prompt engineering and why is it important?
  • Key concepts in prompt engineering
  • Core components of a prompt: context, instructions, examples

Azure OpenAI SDK & Rest API

  • Using the SDK in your applications
  • Introducing the REST API for OpenAI

Using your own Data

  • Data files
  • RAG architectures

The Legal Aspects of Azure OpenAI

  • Regulatory requirements
  • Legal limitations of how you can use Azure OpenAI