Effective People Management for Beginners


You’ve just been promoted to manager. Congratulations, but how do you actually ‘manage’? We have all seen good managers and we have all seen bad managers, but what is it that makes a good manager good and a bad manager bad? This course aims to make sure that as you begin your management career, you start out as a good manager.

Duration: 2 days

Who is it for: This course is ideal for those new to management with little or no management experience and who wish to ensure that they have a solid foundation of some of the principles to be applied in order to manage others well.

Layout: This training course combines lectures with practical exercises that help the delegates to put what they have learned on the training course into practice. The exercises specifically build on what has been recently taught and are built up as the training course progresses.


    • The role of the manager
  • Developing your style
  • People types
  • Delegation strategies
  • Building strong teams
  • Effective motivation strategies
  • Dealing with difficult people and situations
  • Handling change
  • How to plan
  • Completing performance reviews
  • Modules

    Who Does What?

      • What is the role of a manager
  • Management styles
  • How will you manage people
  • Dealing with People and Teams

      • Delegating to others
  • Creating a positive team dynamic
  • Different types of people
  • How to delegate
  • Motivation

      • How to motivate
  • Effective encouragement
  • Helping people to work as a team
  • How to gain team synergy
  • Communication skills

      • Communicating your expectations
  • Active listening and hearing your team members
  • Giving and Receiving feedback
  • Problem people and problem circumstances

      • Working with awkard people
  • Handling the leadership / suboordinate dynamic
  • How to make decisions

      • Decision making best practices
  • Team decisions
  • How to deal with unpopular decisions
  • Planning and Reporting

      • Performance reviews
  • Basic project management
  • Planning for success
  • Handling change