Generative AI for Technologists Masterclass

Generative AI is transforming the development landscape. Don’t let your developers get left behind and your competition become more productive by taking our Generative AI Developer Masterclass to learn how cutting edge generative AI can be used by your teams today to increase productivity, reduce errors, and reduce time to market. In this masterclass you will learn how to take advantage of Generative AI from within your IDE.

Duration: 1 day
Who is it for: Anyone who works with technology, and wants to understand what generative AI is and how it can be used to augment and improve development processes.

Layout: This class has a mix of lecture and hands on exercises.


Generative AI and the SDLC

  • Using Generative AI to understand technologies
  • Using Generative AI to generate examples
  • Using Generative AI to create prototypes
  • Using Generative AI to debug code
  • Using AI to review code

Using Generative AI to Generate Code

  • Code Generation Tools
  • GitHub Copilot
  • Amazon Code Whisperer
  • GPT Code Clippy
  • IntelliCode
  • Integrating Generative AI into IDEs

Using Generative AI to create a MicroService

  • Creating a Microservice using Generative AI
  • Setting up the project
  • Generating the API endpoints
  • Retrospective – the current limits of generative AI

Using Generative AI to create a MicroFrontend

  • Creating the project
  • Adding a Listing Page
  • Adding a Form for Submitting new data
  • Retrospective – the current limits of generative AI

Pitfalls and Safeguards

  • Knowing the limits of Generative AI
  • Who’s responsible for the Code
  • The potential future landscape of Generative AI in software development

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