Taking Stock & Forecasting the Future of AI in Investment Banking


12 October 2023 | 3:00 pm


with Matt Thornfield

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How will AI and Gen-AI affect investment banking today, tomorrow… or in the next five years? Our panel discusses.

Panelists from Neueda, Financial Edge and cover:

What does AI mean in 2023? Our panel delve into AI, Gen-AI and ML covering similarities, differences and getting clear on the meaning behind these technical terms.
What are some of the obstacles to AI adoption in 2023? From stringent data regulations through to Gen-AI’s limitations with numbers; our panel discuss the obstacles investment banks and the financial services sector more broadly are facing with AI and Gen-AI adoption.
The transformative capabilities of AI and Gen-AI: what AI and Gen-AI developments might we see happening in Investment Banking in the next five years?
How AI and Gen-AI will affect jobs in investment banking: Whether that’s automating simple but time consuming tasks or undergoing more complex analysis, our panel will explore the question of how those deployments may affect jobs in investment banking.

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