Advanced Python Development


This course aims to extend and solidify your Python experience by exploring structural techniques and common Python APIs. You’ll learn how to write OO and functional code, implement GUIs, create Web sites backed up by relational databases, implement multithreaded code, and more.

Duration: 4 days

Who is it for: Python developers who wish to develop their knowledge

Layout: Lectures with practical exercises


  • Functional Python programming
  • GUI development using Python
  • Logging
  • Regular expressions
  • XML manipulation
  • Multithreading
  • Networking
  • Web and database development using Django
  • Integrating with the C programming language


Recal Essential Python Features

  • Modules and packages
  • Built-in functions
  • Algorithms and data structures
  • Object-oriented Python

Functional Development

  • Overview of functional programming
  • Iterators
  • Generator expressions
  • List comprehensions
  • Built-in functions
  • Using the itertools module

Curses Programming

  • Overview of the curses module
  • Starting and ending a curses app
  • Windows and pads
  • Displaying text
  • User input

GUI Programming

  • Overview of GUI APIs
  • Creating GUIs using Tkinter
  • Creating GUIs using JPython

Effective Logging

  • Logging essentials
  • Handlers and formatters
  • Configuration
  • Blocking handlers
  • Adapters
  • Filters
  • File rotation
  • Additional techniques

Regular Expressions

  • Overview
  • Using the match function
  • Using the search function
  • Search and replace
  • Regular expression modifiers
  • Regular expression patterns
  • Special characters
  • Multiplicity
  • Greedy vs. non-greedy repetition

XML Processing

  • Overview of SAX
  • Processing XML data using SAX
  • Overview of DOM
  • Processing XML data using DOM


  • Threading essentials
  • Starting a new thread
  • Using the threading module
  • Synchronizing threads
  • Specifying thread priorities


  • Socket concepts
  • Creating sockets
  • Sending data over a socket
  • Listening for connections
  • Receiving data over a socket
  • Non-blocking sockets
  • Sending emails

Getting Started with Django

  • Overview of Django
  • Installing Django
  • Writing a simple Django app
  • Defining a simple model
  • QuerySets
  • Implementing simple views
  • Using simple templates

Going Further with Django

  • Migrations
  • Raw SQL
  • Transactions
  • Aggregations
  • Generating CSV and PDF content
  • Security

Python Extension Programming in C

  • Overview of the Python extension module
  • C functions
  • Method mapping table
  • Initialization
  • Building and installing extensions
  • Importing extensions
  • Passing parameters to functions
  • Receiving return values

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