Building Microfrontends using React and Angular

Microfrontends (MFEs) are an approach to building larger web front end applications using concepts similar to microservices. It allows an application to be split into discrete projects that can be created and managed independently. This course explains the principles and challenges of working on MFE applications and teaches how to build MFEs using either or both of React or Angular, with a focus on practical application of the concepts.

Duration: 2 days

Who is it for: This course is for developers who need to be able to work with MFE projects.

Layout: This course is a mixture of lectures and hands on exercises designed to reinforce the topics learnt


  • The principles and different approaches of Microfrontends (MFEs)
  • The Webpack framework
  • Module federation
  • The container application
  • How apps can work together
  • Styling in MFEs
  • Authentication challenges


What is an MFE?

  • The benefits of the MFE approach
  • Architecture options

Creating a MFE

    • Webpack basics
  • Building a module
  • Creating the container

Module basics

  • Module development concepts
  • Module federation
  • Avoiding duplicated dependencies

Communicating between the container and modules

  • Why modules can’t interact with each other
  • Using events and callbacks

Using frameworks

  • Working with React
  • Working with Angular

Styling applications

  • Using CSS in Microfrontends

Routing and navigation

  • Navigation strategies
  • Basic routing
  • The back-button
  • routing within modules


  • Authentication strategies
  • Implementing authentication and route protection

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