Effective Prompt Engineering


Using GenAI tools is only effective if you know how to ask it things in a way to get the answer you want.
In this 1 day masterclass, you will learn how to effectively prompt tools like ChatGPT.

Duration: 1 day

Who is it for: Anyone who is in a role that would benefit from a deeper understanding of how to effectively use tools like ChatGPT.

Layout: This course is a blend of lectures, demonstrations, and practical exercises.


What is Prompt Engineering

  • What is Prompt Engineering
  • Limitations of Tools like ChatGPT
  • Overview of different Prompting styles

Prompt Engineering Patterns

  • Scaffolding Pattern
  • Multi-step Pattern
  • Act as Pattern
  • Fallback Pattern


  • What are Personas
  • Specifying the persona for audience
  • Persona Examples
  • Exploring how answers change when using different Personas


  • How to phrase your questions
  • The art of Rephrasing
  • Phrasing best practices

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