Data Upskilling for Evolving Career Paths

How we support a global bank with upskilling training in Tableau data visualization


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At the end of the program, learners were awarded a Tableau Analyst Certification


of learners progressed to the Tableau Desktop Specialist Certification Exam

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To build technical competencies with Tableau data visualization for Junior to Mid-level officers and managers within a global Consumer Operations team

Getting to grips with new technology is a learning curve and building confidence with new systems and implementing them directly in the workplace is challenging both from the employee’s perspective and the organization’s perspective.

In order to progress alongside their organization’s new fast-paced analytical advancements, our client’s global Consumer Operations team needed specialist training with Tableau.

This program was designed for direct impact. Through building confidence in implementing innovative solutions this ultimately assisted in making the clients’ services more efficient.


By partnering with us, our client benefitted from a training partner that brings technological expertise paired with domain knowledge.

Our instructors are experienced practitioners who have a deep understanding of the unique business contexts that our clients operate within. This leads to embedding best practice with new technology right from the start.

Our training is first and foremost relevant to our client’s teams and in-line with their current practices from day one, meaning each hour spent in training is a true investment in talent development – something that traditional theory-based learning simply cannot achieve in isolation.


This tailored learning program took place over the course of six weeks. Instructor-led Tableau certified training took learners through six modules covering topics such as Organizing Data, Leveraging Analytics and Advanced Formatting.

Six assessments

Designed by our instructors

Practice sessions and mock exams

Providing the opportunity for learners to collaborate directly with instructors and leverage their expertise to clarify on areas they found difficult.


At the end of the program learners were awarded a Tableau Analyst Certification with qualified participants able to then progress to take the Tableau Desktop Specialist Certification Exam.


Since the success of its initial iteration, this program has been delivered to a further eight cohorts of learners. With learners located globally, the program has helped achieve consistency in Data Analysis practices across the Global Operations Team.

Many learners have progressed into Data Management roles, or expanded their current roles to include data analysis to improve business functions.