Onboarding Technology Analysts on a Global Scale

How we designed, developed and delivered a Technology Analyst Program


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To re-imagine the client’s global graduate program

Beginning in 2020, our client’s Early Careers team set out with the ambition of restructuring their global graduate program to better serve their new hires. This encompassed new hires across multiple time-zones, divisional streams and addressing the rapidly evolving Gen-Z learning preferences for more digital content, just-in-time learning and dedicated career-based learning paths.

They identified five primary objectives:

  • Empower learners and give them more choice
  • Reframe the learning journey of new hires as a 3-year program, starting with the internship
  • Make learning more experiential
  • Deeply integrate digital learning into the learning journey
  • Foster a sense of shared purpose, mission, and community

The training program was the perfect opportunity to begin building the network of new collaborators and colleagues amongst the client’s graduate community, establishing professional relationships which last for life.


This program helped our client innovate and adapt to an evolving recruiting and talent retention environment.

Experiential training

One of the biggest challenges of traditional training programs is that they are unconnected to what happens on the desk. To address this, we crafted an interactive and engaging learning experience that used case studies, games, simulations, and technical challenges to augment lectures.


Allowing graduates to tailor their own learning journey through selection of the most appropriate electives ensured exceptionally high levels of engagement and helped to establish a culture of continuous learning.

Remaining connected

Reframing the program as a 3-year learning journey, rather than just a few weeks at the beginning of the graduate’s time with the firm has helped to maintain that sense of shared purpose, mission, and community across each cohort of new graduates.

It is critical for talent development programs to innovate and adapt to an evolving recruiting and talent retention environment while providing much needed upskilling to support business lines.

Every year we review participant feedback to identify marginal-gains around delivery methods and factor in new technologies and practices to ensure that the program remain immediately relevant and help graduates transition to their new team with confidence.


We worked directly with the client’s team to develop a bespoke graduate program which developed technology skills, in the context of their business, alongside professional skills. This included:

Technology Skills

Full-stack software development using Spring Boot and Angular
Cloud technologies
DevOps practices
NoSQL databases
Delivering enterprise-quality production-ready code
Working in a distributed team-based development environment with full version control

Investment banking knowledge

Giving all graduates, regardless of their educational backgrounds, a grounding in the mechanisms and objectives of their business

Professional Skills

The skills which underpin a successful career in a global organization: communication & collaboration; complex problem solving and creativity; personal branding and a growth mindset