Driving Digital Transformation at Dell Technologies

How we supported Dell Technologies with their organization-wide digital transformation strategy


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To design an academy that would develop professional skills and key technologies vital to digital transformation

Even globally recognized technology companies face challenges with digital skills gaps and business transformation. In 2019 Dell Technologies identified that to continue their business’s successful growth and remain competitive, they would need to modernise the core business, while also expanding into new markets.

To do this, they would need everyone in their business to:

  • Adopt an entrepreneurial mindset.
  • Understand new technologies the business plans to develop at a high level including multi-cloud services, data management software, and edge computing capabilities.
  • Share common language in relation to digital transformation for better alignment across different functions; and
  • Have a good base level of digital skills to make data-driven decisions and collaborate efficiently across different regions.

Enabling our staff to progress and excel in new areas and competencies, which will drive our company and the customers that we serve, is one of our highest priorities. The Transform Programmes…enable us to pivot our talent point towards the workplace of the future.

Declan Nolan,

Senior Director, Dell Technologies


We worked with Dell’s team to design an academy which developed professional skills alongside introductory modules to technologies which would be key to their transformation.

The academy was designed to develop people in all functions (technical and non-technical) ranging from senior leaders to people at an early career stage. This helped build networks and develop a culture of psychological safety.

All training focussed on the business strategy and vision, customers and corporate structures and systems.


We delivered four two-day training units:

Becoming a Digital Organization

  • Digital Transformation Lifecycle
  • Innovation Techniques and Concepts
  • Business Models
  • Digital Mindset & Culture

Harnessing the Power of Cloud Computing, Data Analytics and APIs

  • Cloud Computing – Deployment solutions and structure
  • Edge Computing – computation and data storage
  • Next Generation Computing – Quantum Computing & Neuromorphic Chips
  • Cyber Security – Security fundamentals & strategies
  • Big Data
  • Business Data Analytics

Achieving a Digital Edge

  • Internet of Things
  • Future of Connectivity
  • Applied Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning
  • Blockchain
  • Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality Platforms

Empowering a Digital Workforce

  • Change and Transformation
  • Collaboration
  • Cognitive diversity
  • Customer centricity

Key learning units were reinforced with a Business Innovation Challenge where project teams developed and presented detailed business proposals for a change project based on what they had learned during the program.

While we had initially planned for in-person delivery, we adapted swiftly to fully virtual delivery due to the global pandemic.


Transform was one of my best learning experiences ever. A fantastic experience for me and my team, with the generation of innovation projects making a real business impact. Thoroughly enjoyable, challenging and rewarding.

Transform participant,


Transform has enabled me to develop my technical capabilities, increased productivity and strengthen relationships with my customers. It made me more fluent in emerging technologies, especially blockchain and cloud, and I now have confidence and presence with all technologists on my team.

Transform participant,


The Transform program affords an opportunity to become digitally forward looking and allowed me to develop critical faculties which will be essential for the adoption of future technologies in our next generation workplace.

Transform participant,