Delivering Award-Winning Results for Global Interns

How we designed and delivered an award-winning global training program for a tier 1 global bank, one of the Big Four banking institutions in the US


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To design and deliver a global virtual training program

Every year, Tier 1 Banks work with many thousands of intern students around the world, introducing them to the world of work, providing an opportunity to experience the culture and atmosphere of the global financial markets, and a chance to begin building their own professional network of new colleagues and mentors.

With the World Health Organization’s announcement in early 2020 of a global pandemic due to the COVID-19 virus outbreak, many organizations were forced to make rapid and fundamental changes to their business models, working structures and learning programs.

Whilst other organizations were reluctantly cancelling or scaling back their intern programs, our client made a bold statement to not just honor their commitment to over 1500 interns across 30+ countries in Asia, Europe, North and South America, but to deliver a world-class experience, replicating many of the outcomes of an in-person internship.


In April 2020, Neueda mobilized a design team of virtual training specialists, instructional designers and financial markets instructors to begin crafting a series of virtual internship program options for the client to consider.

Following agile best practices – daily stand-ups, user-stories, frequent client meetings – we set about ensuring that we could deliver a stimulating and consistent experience for every intern regardless of their location. And with our track-record of designing and implementing global training programs using virtual training platforms and remote delivery techniques, we challenged ourselves to use virtual delivery to our advantage, allowing interns to build their network beyond their own geographic location.

Within 4 weeks, working in close co-operation with the client, we had agreed a delivery approach and a detailed curriculum for their global audience. During May and June 2020, we ran pilot deliveries, identifying and implementing several refinements, ready for launch at the beginning of July.


Our innovative approach was based around a balanced combination of:

Team-based challenges

A collaborative approach to new topics

Self-study assignments

To complement classroom learning

Sector knowledge

Training across financial markets topics and digital skills

Guest speaker sessions

Offering interns the opportunity to meet senior client staff


Our client grabbed the #1 spot on the Top 100 Best Internship Programs list, evidence of their commitment to being the best company for early careers talent.

Our client now has a repeatable delivery model for large-scale virtual-training programs which is being targeted at other parts of the organization, helping existing staff to continue to unlock their potential as they chart their path to the next normal.

1500+ Interns returned to their final university year with enhanced knowledge of the global banking industry, newly gained workplace and digital skills and an extended professional network, encouraged to re-join the firm upon graduation.

Furthermore, we’re working with other clients to repeat and refine this success story, supporting interns and full-time graduates across the financial services, telecoms and technology sectors.