Advancing Graduates into Full-Stack Developers

How we support Allstate with immersive full-stack development training for graduates






Early careers




To build and deliver a Full-Stack Development program for graduates

We were tasked with building and delivering an immersive Full-Stack Developer training program for graduates.

Our instructional designers and lead instructors collaborated with Allstate SMEs to garner an in-depth understanding of organizational practices including tech stack, graduate job roles and Allstate’s internal architecture.


The training concentrated on the technologies that are at the heart of Allstate’s architecture: Building Web Service-based apps that operate on cloud platforms using Java and Spring, as well as front-end technologies like HTML and React.

We also focused on developing enterprise Java programming skills, as well as DevOps and Cloud engineering knowledge to aid in the adoption of on-demand products and services.


Delivered across 3 weeks, the program encompassed:

Virtual classroom delivery with experienced technology instructors

Project work and feedback sessions with both students and Learning & Development team

Opportunity to present back their projects to senior staff members

Individual participant reports

Guest speaker presentations

A focus on practical tasks

Through bespoke digital learning pathways, learners were empowered to prepare in advance and maximize their time during the classroom sessions, which were designed for virtual delivery.

In addition, we built a digital pathway for post-training learning to ensure that skills were continuously developed and implemented into the workplace well beyond the classroom.


In the first cohort 20 new Full-Stack Developers were embedded into a variety of existing teams. The program has since been run multiple times given the success of this initial cohort.

Graduates began their careers as a technology specialist moving into roles such as Full-Stack Developers and Java Specialists armed with the specific domain knowledge needed at AllState

Full-Stack Developers are adaptive and cost-effective since they can transition between front-end and back-end projects, saving the customer money on high-cost hires for those roles.

I have been working with Neueda as a training supplier for more than ten years now. I first came across Neueda when I was looking to put in place a graduate training program. We were looking to scale the service centre in Belfast, to take on a lot of new graduates and I knew to help make those graduates successful from day one in their career they would need technology training support.

Neueda talked to me about the training solutions that they had and put together a really innovative program for onboarding graduates. That program was a huge success, and having proven out the model we used it year after year and used it right across the whole network to great success.

John Healy,

Former Chief Executive, Allstate