Training Full-Stack Development for Optimum Client Engagement

How we supported one of the world’s largest insurance providers with a full-stack developer program


Large-scale insurance company




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A training program to ensure developers can employ the latest interface technologies

Insurance executives cite human capital – rather than financial capital or any other asset – as the scarcest resource in the current business environment. As the insurance industry meets accelerated change and disruption, faces up to increasing levels of cyber-risks or encounters new liability risks emerging across markets, talent is no longer an afterthought.

New technologies are also rapidly gaining adoption and helping to deliver both enhanced client experiences with high-quality interfaces and increasing levels of operational efficiency through automation.

In parallel, customers are becoming savvier and more demanding in terms of their baseline expectation for all digital interactions.

Optimizing the value of new technologies relies on an infusion of technical skills, complemented by softer skills in areas such as customer engagement and client centricity.


Against this backdrop, we delivered an innovative skills program, helping to ensure developers can employ the latest interface technologies and put the client at the center of their efforts.

To help their technology workforce pivot towards these new technologies and evolving platforms, with the ultimate aim of transforming the customer experience, the insurance company worked with our team of instructional designers and instructors to design and deliver an immersive Full-Stack Developer training program for teams in Asia, Europe and North America.

Full-Stack Developers are both scarce and in exceptionally high demand, they are a jack-of-all-trades and a master of quite a few, capable of delivering a project from start to finish.

The objective of this program was simple – increase the number of Full-Stack Developers within the organization by upskilling members of the existing technical workforce.


Delivered across 6 weeks, the training program equips participants with the skills to design, develop, test and deploy customer facing applications.

The program is a winning combination of:

Professional skills training

With a focus on the behaviors which underpin client centricity

Virtual classroom sessions

With experienced technology instructors

Technical challenges

Combined with practical project work

Assessments and feedback

To guide learners throughout the program

Guest speaker presentations

Connecting learners to internal and industry networks

Project demonstrations

In a collaborative environment

Designed for virtual delivery, participants were also provided digital learning pathways to help prepare in advance and optimize their time during the classroom sessions.

The highpoint of the program is the Capstone Full-Stack Project, which is tackled in small teams of 2 or 3 participants and presented to peers, instructors and senior managers at the end of the program.