Driving cloud migration through Self Service Learning

How we support a global leader in financial services with the transition to public cloud technology through impactful self-service digital learning pathways


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To create a set of custom digital learning pathways to upskill the client’s engineering community quickly and at scale.

Our client’s Cloud Infrastructure Engineers are highly skilled, motivated and competent, developing high quality best-practice solutions that meet complex requirements in a highly regulated industry. They had a requirement to upskill their organization’s broad engineering community to ensure adoption of public cloud technologies in a controlled manner using best-practice patterns. However, a challenge surfaced – one of behavior change.

Creating impactful learning content for those who are already experts requires a service provider who can perform excellently in two areas:

  • Quickly and confidently partnering with internal experts to understand and develop the learning modules;
  • Applying the learning design principles that will engage, activate and resonate with an audience that are confident in their abilities.

The goal was to enable the client’s strategic goals of uniform & controlled adoption of public cloud technologies across a wide and varied engineering community.


Working closely with the client’s own subject matter experts, we crafted a series of dynamic, interactive self-service learning pathways – each tuned to a particular audience need, for example:

Leaders and Strategists
DevOps Practitioners
Site Reliability Engineers
Security Engineers
Non-practitioner technologists

Each persona has specific learning needs, for example some personas needed to understand the value of the client’s public cloud adoption strategy and the fundamentals of Cloud technologies. While others needed practical guides to start working with public cloud platforms according to the client’s unique procedures and regulations.

Each learning pathway is a collection of concise and targeted modules, together forming an encyclopedia of knowledge and guidance that can be referenced with ease. Designed with workflow in mind, each module has clear signposting and easy-access references throughout.


The modules are created as ‘living’ knowledge centers; easily updated and accessed when they are needed – like a digital handbook. 

Practicality is at the heart of the smooth, modern UX that greets each participant. Value adds adapted from the best of marketing techniques give the modules an immediately recognizable look and feel.

Video tutorials demonstrate processes clearly, pitched precisely at the audience’s level of experience. These are constructed according to stages in the workflow, encouraging the audience to revisit at the point of need.

Handy job aids and infographics conceptualize elements of Cloud technology, encouraging a consistent understanding across the audience.

Engaging, interactive, reflective exercises puts learning into practice – exactly where needed. This enables the audience an opportunity to assess their own understanding and consider how this information will apply to their day-to-day behavior at work. 


The content design and development process focused on two points –

Quality of experience for the learner
Removing the burden from the client’s stakeholders

With this in mind; short, regular stand ups checked in on progress – and the Neueda expertise was used exactly where it needed to be, asking the right questions at the right time to adapt Neueda’s own solid understanding of principles to the client’s strategies and processes.

Tailoring content exactly to the client’s needs and requirements was paramount to the knowledge gathering stage. Along with Neueda’s internal expertise, client stakeholders gave unique insights. Neueda used these to propose the curriculum of learning that would meet client needs.

All content speaks to the audience using their own voice and experience. This is an ongoing process; user feedback mechanisms are applied throughout, the data gathered is vital to the ongoing success of the program.


Excellent introduction to the networking implementation specific to our organization… Highly recommend this for everyone.

Self-Service Learning Participant,

Cloud Technical Lead

I wish I had these modules when I joined.

Self-Service Learning Participant,

Cloud Engineer

Very clear description of all of the aspects that are required to get app dev teams to the cloud.

Self-Service Learning Participant,

SME, Developer Community