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Explore our new offering of beginner to advanced Generative AI courses encompassing AI development and deployment, data analysis, software development and production.

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Software Development

AI Foundations

An introductory course designed to provide an overview and understanding of AI concepts such as Machine Learning, Deep Learning, GPT models, and AGI. The course content includes AI concepts, core services, security, architecture, and support.

Developing with AI & AUTO-GPT

For those at intermediate-level, this course is designed to enable learners to upskill their technical expertise in development using AI technologies and Auto-GPT. In addition, LangChain and its integration with AI technologies is also covered.

Advanced AI Development

Delving into more advanced topics with latest research, such as fine-tuning GPT and AUTO-GPT models, this course aims to provide an understanding of transformer architecture and how to use LangChain and Pandas to undertake complex tasks.

LangChain Fundamentals

An introduction to LangChain, this course empowers learners at all levels to navigate the intricacies of LangChain components. Learners will be guided through building powerful, personalized applications such as chatbots, personal assistants and document querying tools.

Prompt Engineering for GPT and AUTO-GPT

Using GPT and AUTO-GPT models, this course brings learners through the best approaches for effective prompt design. From how to tailor prompts through to the achieving the desired outcome and mitigation for model biases.

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Data Administration & Analysis

Using AI, AGI and Vector Databases for Data Analysis

This practical course empowers learners to use raw data to extract actionable insights while using new technologies including anomaly and outlier detection, predictive analytics, deep learning and neural networks. It also covers interpreting and communicating results of data analysis. From beginners through to expert level analysts, this course is a valuable investment at all levels to keep at pace with the new technologies that are taking data analysis to new levels.

Interpreting AI, AGI Models, AUTO-GPT Outputs, and Vector Database Outputs

Using AI, AGI Models, AUTO-GPT Outputs, and Vector Database Outputs, this course empowers learners to understand AI language, harness it to its full potential, and take AI insights into real-world, practical solutions.

Training and fine-tuning Large Language Models (LLMs)

Take expertise to the next level with Large Language Models (LLMs). Learners will master the intricacies of training and fine-tuning these powerful tools while harnessing their full potential for data analysis tasks.

Using GPT, AUTO-GPT, and Pandas for Natural Language Processing

Learn how to analyse AI-driven text using Natural Language Processing (NLP), using GPT, AUTO-GPT, and Pandas. This practical course brings learners through how to perform tasks such as text classification, sentiment analysis, and named entity recognition.

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DevOps Infrastructure

AI & AGI DevOps

With a focus on how AI and AGI technologies can be integrated into DevOps practices, learners will uncover how AI can be used for code review, automated testing and predictive system maintenance.

Interpreting AI, AGI Models, AUTO-GPT Outputs, and Vector Database Outputs

In this course learners will discover how to utilize AI, AGI Models, AUTO-GPT Outputs, and Vector Database Outputs for practical purposes.

Deploying and Scaling AI Models and Infrastructure

This course covers how to deploy and scale AI models, including GPT, AUTO-GPT, LLMs. It also includes managing vector databases in a production environment.

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As a member-led organisation, we are incredibly protective of our commitments to our members and we began to look for a training partner who could deliver to the high standards we set ourselves in the Analytics Institute.

Several of our members recommended Neueda as a potential training partner – when we met the team to learn more about their depth of expertise in data analytics, data science and data engineering, and heard about their experience in running global training programs for major corporations, we thought this is the partner we have been looking for. Following a rigorous design process, we launched our Certified Data Skills Framework in 2021 with pathways for Data Practitioners, Data Professionals and Data Leaders. In partnership with Neueda’s instructors and their training operations team, clients including Citi, PwC and Primark, have benefitted from a winning combination of advanced data & digital competencies, future-ready cognitive skills and professional certification.

Lorcan Malone,

Director, Analytics Institute