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Over 200 courses and certifications in technology, agile, project management and leadership, available in the classroom, as live instructor-led virtual training or self-paced online courses.

Our selection of Training courses

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Capital Markets

Our portfolio of courses is designed to help clients understand the complex and fast-paced financial markets.

Our global team of instructors are all industry specialists, with experience across the debt, forex and fixed-income markets. We provide deep insights into risk, regulation and modelling with practical training.

  • Introduction to Capital Markets – 3 Days
  • The Trade Lifecycle – 2 Days
  • Fixed Income Fundamentals – 1 Day
  • Forex Fundamentals – 1 Day
  • Derivatives: Forwards, Futures and Options – 2 Days
  • Investment Management Fundamentals – 1 Day
  • Operational Risk Management – 2 Days
  • Financial Statement Analysis – 2 Days
  • Financial Modelling with Excel – 2 Days
  • Financial Modelling with Python – 3 Days

Future Skills

In an era of automation and never-before-seen challenges, tomorrow’s workers will need to be creative, adaptable, and resilient. Our future skills courses introduce essential skills which underpin successful careers regardless of sector or specialism.

Collaboration, Complex Problem Solving, Creativity and Emotional Intelligence augment business and technical expertise to help ensure staff can navigate and succeed in an ever-evolving workplace.

  • Collaboration and Teamwork in a Virtual Distributed Workplace – 1 Day
  • Complex Problem Solving and Creativity – 2 Days
  • Design Thinking and Innovation – 2 Days
  • Delivering Impactful Business Presentations – 1 Day
  • Leading and Managing in a Virtual Distributed Workplace – 2 Days

Cloud Engineering

Unpredictable and constant change demands new levels of business agility. To achieve adaptability, scale and accelerated evolution, enterprises need to modernize and place Cloud Platforms and Microservices at the heart of their operations.

Our broad curriculum of cloud courses help you build the cloud skills you need to elevate your career and solve the challenges of the future. Whether you’re new to the cloud or building on an existing skill set, we tailor content to your role and platform including Amazon AWS, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure.

  • Introduction to Cloud Platforms – 1 Day
  • Migrating Your Applications and Data to the Cloud – 2 Days
  • Amazon AWS Cloud Fundamentals – 2 Days
  • AWS Cloud Practitioner Preparation – 1 Day
  • AWS Solutions Architect Preparation – 1 Day
  • Microsoft Azure Cloud Fundamentals – 2 Days
  • Big Data Analytics on Azure – 2 Days
  • Building and Deploying Microservice Applications with AWS – 4 Days
  • Working with Docker Containers – 2 Days
  • Working with Kubernetes – 3 Days
  • Implementing AI Solutions on AWS – 4 Days
  • Implementing AI Solutions on Azure – 4 Days

Data Science & AI

Organizations want to maximize the value held in their data estate and investments. We help clients overcome archaic processes to incorporate data into their digital transformation strategy, ensuring product teams and executives can utilize  data to make better decisions.

We help embed cutting-edge, accredited data skills at every level of your business through applied, blended learning – and harness the power of data and analytics across your organisation. We cover core technologies such as Python and R, and teach advanced AI and Machine Learning topics to help you extract value from your big datasets.

  • Data Driven Storytelling – The Essential Data Science Skill – 1 Day
  • Data Analysis and Visualization with Excel – 2 Days
  • Data Analysis and Visualization with Tableau – 2 Days
  • Data Analysis and Visualization with Microsoft Power BI – 2 Days
  • Python for Data Science – 3 Days
  • Natural Language Processing with Python – 2 Days
  • Predictive Analytics with Python – 2 Days
  • Deep Learning and Neural Networks – 2 Days
  • Digital Transformation Essentials – 2 Days

Full stack Development

Learn to design, build, test and deploy end-to-end business applications using the latest coding technologies and platforms.

  • Delivering Clean Secure Code with Engineering Best Practices – 2 Days
  • Enterprise Development with Java – 2 Days
  • Microservices Development with Spring – 4 Days
  • Microservices Development with .NET – 4 Days
  • User-Interface Programming with Angular – 3 Days
  • User-Interface Programming with React and Redux – 3 Days

Cyber Security

Our cybersecurity training develops the essential competencies to tackle security issues in your organization and our courses significantly improve your ability to recognize and respond to potential cyber threats.

The range includes Ethical Hacking, Secure Software Development, Forensic Analysis, Cyber Intelligence, Cyber Security and Mobile Device Security.

Agile Practices

Organizations are challenged to transform to adapt and grow in the face of continuous disruption. Modern digital businesses have an advantage: they have learned to adapt and be agile – they keep evolving their processes, people, and technology to continuously innovate and compete.

From Agile and Lean technical training, through to bringing the customer into the centre of your process with design thinking and user-experience practices, our courses include accredited options such as Certified Scrum Master and Product Owner, alongside DevOps technical best practices and the principles of User Experience.

  • Certified Scrum Master – 2.5 Days
  • Certified Scrum Product Owner – 2.5 Days
  • Advanced Certified Scrum Master – 3 Days
  • Lean Software Development – 1 Day
  • Capturing Requirements with User-Stories – 2 Days
  • Architecture with Agility – 2 Days
  • Test Driven Development – 2 Days


Python has become the go-to programming language for data science, for task automation and for application prototyping.

Our instructors bring extensive real-world experience into the classroom and help participants apply their new skills to practical programming challenges.

  • Python Programming – 4 Days
  • Python for Data Science – 3 Days
  • Natural Language Processing with Python – 2 Days
  • Predictive Analytics with Python – 2 Days

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